The city of Larith, The Cauldron is a beacon to adventurers far and wide. Founded by the gnome tinkerer Surabar Spellmason around 500-600 years ago, the city of ~5,000 inhabitants sits in the base of an inactive volcano, surrounded by 50 ft walls made of malachite. It is the largest city in the region and in this part of the world it is often referred to as simply “The City” or “The Cauldron”. The city is set in the world of Amala near the Amedio Jungle, west of the Tors, east of the Sea of Dust and southwest from the Azure Sea and Jeklea Bay.
It is known for it’s coffee, gems and high end goods and services. Magical weapons, powerful wizards, mighty warriors and goodly clerics all inhabit the ancient city. It is also one of the few places where you can find work in the region as a Pathfinder. In fact the city is so welcoming to adventurers and heroes that they have created a garden called The Hall of Heroes celebrating the city’s greatest adventurers.
However, recently the city has been plagued by mysterious abductions and robberies. Can three new comers to the city succeed where they authorities have so utterly failed and wait fate lies in stores for these exceptional adventures. Are they they Legendary Sentinels?

Sentinals of Larith