Sentinals of Larith

Fallen Angel

With the gnomish city of Jzadirune cleared of all threats and the passage into the underdark through the Malachite fortress destroyed the heroes attempted to begin their lives in the city of Larith. Training with the cities weapons masters and it’s lone Magus the adventurers were able to sharpen their skills and used the down time to build a relationship with the beleaguered city. Asking around they found that the local tavern outside of the city was for sale and looked into purchasing the tavern. They also made headway into joining the pathfinder society, now having a sponsor in the form of Norbert Vhalantru

Not long after they had finished their work with the monsters below were they asked to deal with the “criminal” above. With a guilty verdict hanging over Keygan Ghelve’s, the 3 heroes were asked to give their recommendations to the court and determine whether or not he should receive the death penalty or hard labor. While Belacore pushed hard for death, Jaraq and One felt that some leniency was called for. Ultimately, the gnome was sentenced to 30 years hard labor. However, whilst the town crier announced the triumvirates verdict there appeared a series of strange lights in the sky followed by a thunderous boom. The citizens of Larith thought it to be an omen yet none knew what might have caused it. Some said it was anger over the verdict others thought it was the gods showing their approval.

After meeting with Norbert and accepting his offer to be their pathfinder sponsor the heroes returned to their studies and focused on their training. Yet the calm was not to last and less than 2 months after the marvelous lights in the sky on the night of Keygan’s verdict they were summoned to Norbert’s home. There they were asked by Norbert to investigate a small village 10 days ride to the north. The village a protectorate of Larith was recently attacked by ogres and a young boy was kidnapped.

Wasting no time the Sentinals of Larith rode out to the village of Elton where they learned that the boy that was kidnapped was Aririth a child who mysteriously fell from the sky. They also learned that while the town of Elton was under Larith’s protection it was almost a year since the city had sent troops in this direction. Not surprisingly the town was attacked by a band of hideous ogres that resembled praying mantises. What was surprising was that One had heard of these insectile ogres. They were a depraved band led by Braath, the greater.

Learning that the child was most likely taken to the abandoned goblin lairs to the west the adventurers set out to find the boy and slay the vile ogres. Little did they know that these insectile ogres were no joke and after a series of fierce battles the heroes came face to face with Braath, the lesser, an evil ogremage. In a tremendous battle the 4 heroes barely survived, Braath was killed and the boy saved. Speaking with Aririth the adventurers learned that the boy was a fallen Celestial child whom knew not why he had been banished. They also learned that Braath, the greater was missing and that Braath, the lesser, had hoped to use the Book of Skulls to sacrifice Aririth and gain immeasurable power.

Bloody, beaten yet victorious the Sentinals emerged from the old goblin lair with the boy and were stunned to find that a Trumpet Archon awaited them outside. Thanking the heroes for their work the Trumpet archon spoke of a debt to be paid then simply left with Aririth. Leaving the heroes with more questions than answers.



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