Sentinals of Larith

Flood Season

With the Trumpet Archon’s words still ringing in their ears the heroes made their way back to the town of Elton. With several Ogres still roaming the country side the adventurers set out tracking them down and slay them all. Once completed they headed back to Larith and the Flood Festival that would soon be starting. Upon their arrival in the city, things went back to life as usual. They resumed their training at the local fighting academy and the magus training compound. However, it was not long before Belacore was called to the temple of St. Cuthbert and invited to be one of the flood festivals wand bearers. It was at then that the cleric Jenya, informed Belacore that the High Priest Secrum was making his way back to Larith with the wands for the festivals. Unfortunately, before Secrum ever arrived he was attacked and in his last act of defiance he sent a message to Jenya telling her that he was in the Lucky Monkey and under siege by a giant apeman. Racing against time Jenya contacted the Sentinels and asked them to intervene and save Secrum and the wands. Riding throughout the night the heroes arrived at the tavern known as the Lucky Monkey and were immediately set upon by a gang of thieves and ruffians known as the Alley Bashers. After a brief skirmish the drunken thugs were dispatched, but not before one of their numbers escaped out a window. Giving chase to the lone thug one assured his comrades that he would have no trouble dealing with the ruffian and leapt out the window in pursuit. Running towards the basement, where they believe Secrum to be, Belacore and Jaroq, were taken aback when they encountered the WerebabboonTongueEater. Succumbing to TongueEater’s vicious attacks, Jaroq and Belacore, quickly realized their error and it was only by a hairs breath that they managed to survive the encounter and slay TongueEater. Having all but missed the battle with TongueEater, One entered the kitchen with his new prisoner and began to question the female Alley Basher. All she knew is that they were here for the wands and she had been hired by a Red headed priestess of Hextor. With the rogues and thugs dealt with the heroes entered the basement and found the brutalized remains of Secrum but no wands. There they also found a survivor, Shensen, a druid-cleric-monk. After laying the bodies of the dead inn patrons to rest the party headed back to town dead-set on finding the wands and the Red haired priestess of Hextor that had hired the thugs and TongueEater. Returning the body of Secrum to the temple of St. Cuthbert the heroes set out to bash heads and find answers to: Who is the woman in red? Where are the wands? Why were they stealing wands? Greasing some palms they were able to find out the following information:

-The priestess of Hextor may in fact be Triel a former member of the city watch long thought dead.
-The wands are needed in order to keep the flooding at bay.
-The AlleyBashers were hired by the woman several weeks ago.
-There is a man in town who for the right price could provide the information that the party needs.
-A divination spell reveals that the wands are somewhere in the western section of the city.



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