Sentinals of Larith

Under City Ruins

Seeking out the services of a local information broker called Artus Shemwick, the group learns that Tongueater was merely the cohort of a more powerful villain named Triel Eldurast, an ex-member of the Cauldron city guard who fled into the catacombs below the city many years ago.

Triel led the attack on the Lucky Monkey and left her cohort Tongueater behind to finish the job as she fled back to Cauldron with the stolen wands of control water. As rain pours down on Cauldron and the flood waters begin to rise out of the lake, the heroes find clues that her base of operation seems to be in a large hidden cavern below town.

Arriving at the hidden cave. the party finds that it contains the crumbling ruins of several stone buildingsā€¦the last few remnants of an ancient city of a sinister race of creatures known as the Korpow. After a near disastrous attempt to infiltrate the walls of the ancient ruins the party came face to face with the Evil cleric Triel. At first the battle looked to be all but lost however a well placed spell changed all of that and soon Triel found herself blind and helpless surrounded by a band of angry armed heroes.

In the end the cleric was dead but a lone rogue escaped from the battle and ran screaming into the hallways that intruders had killed their leader.



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