Situated east of the the city of Larith the tors are a flat and desolate stretch of land. The region is only known for 3 things:

1. The horrific storms that suddenly appear and can rain down deadly razor hail, intense lightning storms, or worse tornadoes. The tall grass that covers much of the region adds to these storms as it is quick to ignite during lightning storms and the resulting fire burns fast and hot.

2. All along the flat and desolate Tors, sit massive large boulders. Some of these boulders are large enough to build forts on top of. It is believed that many of these structures that now lay in ruin were the remnants of an ancient Orc/Bugbear nation long since forgotten. Today these boulders are used as way markers by travelers of the Tors and as places to take shelter from the horrific storms.

3. The storm truce: An ancient tradition that ensures peace during the storms that plague the region. once asked for the storm truce must be honored and those taking shelter from the storm can not draw blades lest they anger the gods and forever be cursed. Often when approaching a cave or other shelter people will simply Ask “storm truce?”. Once acknowledged by others in the shelter the traveler my enter safely with no fear of attack or molestation.


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